WeMo Insight Smart Plug

Well, if the Wemo Mini appealed to you but something felt a little flat then here you go. The Insight Smart Plug has a rounded square shape and boasts more features. And yes, it’s still compatible with Alexa and Google.

As you may have deduced, this plug has an energy monitoring feature, so you can see how much power you’re using. Speaking of power, the on/off button is located on top all by itself for easy access.

Belkin is a high quality brand, and this version is a little pricier. Yet still, the Wemo Insight is probably our favorite energy saving smart plug. It has the ability to control multiple home devices easily and efficiently while showing you how much energy is being used.

The only downside we can find with this model is the size. Some of the mini plugs will save you more socket space. FYI — it’s a tad bit bigger than it looks in pictures. So it may not be ideal for power strips, but it’s still a solid choice for everyday smart home use.

Note: to use with Apple HomeKit you’ll need the WeMo Bridge.

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