Amazon Smart Plug

Needless to say, this smart outlet is partial to Alexa, it’s designed to work exclusively with her. If you’re using another digital assistant, then go with one of the other smart plugs on our list of smart plugs.

This plug has a very basic shape, but its simplicity serves it quite well. The power button is on an island, sitting on the side panel. And yes, it’s iPhone and Android friendly.

The coolest thing about Amazon’s smart plug is its wifi-simple setup. It lets you connect to Amazon devices lightning fast. Just open the Alexa app and you’re pretty much there.

This well-rounded smart plug boasts a couple of handy features as well. Like the Kasa Mini, it has random appliance/device activation. This home safety feature really does deter potential burglars when you’re away.

There is no energy monitoring feature to brag about. But you do get a solid performing smart plug that is designed to thrive perfectly with Alexa. Plus you have a lot of control over your appliances from your phone.

Amazon Smart Plug Features

  • Simple, fast setup
  • Works great with Alexa
  • No hub required
  • Uses wifi, compatible with android and iOS app
  • Priced under $30
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