Coredy Robot R500+

Now here’s a robot vac you can fall madly in love with fast. There’s lots to like, especially the price. You can snag this quality smart vac for under $200.

It’s a great value considering its features:

  • Powerful 1400Pa suction
  • Cordless
  • 1 year warranty
  • Has dual-hall sensors to detect boundary strips
  • 5 selective cleaning modes
  • Battery has 120 min run time
  • Upgraded anti-collision and anti-drop system
  • Auto charges at dock
  • Has remote control to change active suction power
  • Runs quietly at low decibels
  • No wifi
  • Comes with an extra HEPA filter

ideal for carpet and hardwood floors alike, this robot vac is a real people-pleaser. It even mops when needed —call it an overachiever 😉 Its mop is built to clean up small spills and messes without a hiccup, which is a nice bonus.

The R500+ is a low-riding little workhorse. It sits at 2.8 inches in height, which is a bit shorter than most other smart vacs. Its smart navigation system allows it to maneuver around your home with a degree of tact and purpose.

It’s also slim, with a width of 12.6 inches, which makes it ideal for cleaning under furniture. Taller, wider smart vacs can’t go where the R500+ dares! And yes, it can detect boundary strips if you want to keep it out of certain rooms or spaces.

The Coredy R500 gets much props for its ability to pick up dust and dander. It’s equipped with four spinning brushes and one main brush —made from grippy fibers. This helps it remove fine grains of dirt and sugar granules.

In a cleaning performance test, the R500+ earned remarkable scores. When it came to vacuuming high carpet, low carpet and hardwood floors It handled every-day debris like cereal, sugar, dirt and kitty litter exceptionally well.

If you’re a pet owner, this model makes your life a lot less hairy. Its powerful 1400Pa suction coupled with high quality brush fibers give it the power to remove pet hair like a champ. The only downside is that you’ll need to flip it over and untangle the lift fibers every once in a while.

Another cool thing about the R500+ is its dual anti-collision system. It wont run into corners, kids or animals. This is an awesome feature if you have children and animals running around :p

Its anti-collision system boasts 12 infrared sensors and a bumper that can detect changes in pressure. It’s a smart little machine for the money!

It comes packing a 550 ml dustbin, so you won’t be emptying it all the time. With its large size bin, your trips to the trash can will be limited. So don’t be scared of technology :p Embrace the Coredy Robot R500+ and see why people (us included) are loving it.

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