Apple Homekit

15 Products Updated on Jan 6, 2019

Collection of smart home devices compatible with Apple HomeKit. This list of HomeKit compatible devices is constantly growing due to its easy to use interface and security. Best of all if you have Apple TV, iPad, or Homepod they will act as a home hub. This allows you to control any device in HomeKit remotely and securely.

The Apple TV brings Siri, apps, and mirroring features to your TV. You can control the TV using your voice, Apple TV app,…

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Here’s a smart plug that’s a bit different. It has a unique design, with the plug-in located on the right side panel instead…

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One of the core elements of a HomeKit enabled home is the Apple HomePod. The HomePod will enable anyone in your home to…

Very similar to the Nest Thermostat the ecobee4 replaces your home thermostat. One benefit of ecobee is that is uses sensors in each…

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If you’re tired of watering your yard manually the Eve Aqua is here to save summer. Just connect it up to your hose…

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