Roborock S5

This white beauty is a bit on the high end side of robot vacs. But we think it’s worth every penny!

It’s known for its exceptional ability to pull up dirt, and mop like a seasoned vet :p It has great dual performance. And with very impressive suction power of 2000Pa, it is known for leaving a streak-free floor and clean carpet.

Let’s see what the S5 is packing:

  • 2000Pa powerful suction
  • Smart laser navigation
  • Wifi compatible
  • Lithium ion battery with over 2 hours of run life
  • Obstacle crossing (2 cm)
  • Laser range sensor scans for cleaning route
  • Disc fiber mop with protective floor mat
  • Cleaning tool compartment
  • Washable filter
  • Dock charger with US plug

It’s viewed as a trusted, well-rounded robot vac. While it doesn’t excel dramatically in any one key area, it gives a solid all-around performance.

The S5 sits at 3.8 inches in height, and is 13.8 inches wide. So it’s a little bigger than some of the other smart vacs. While it may not get under chairs as easily as the Coredy Robot, it has some perks that make it a solid choice.

It has a really cool flip-up hood that covers the dust-bin. There’s also a compartment that holds the brush cleaning tool.

It boasts a combo rubber/bristle brush that effectively pulls up dirt, debris and pet hair from carpet and hard floors. By design, it tends to get far less hair and debris wrapped around it,
and for that reason we like its brush!

The Roborock is also revered for its mopping skills. There’s a disc with a microfiber pad for mopping. You just fill it with water, and let it clean. And oh yea, with a battery life of over 2 hours it can go the distance!

As mentioned, this smart vac is a little pricier, at just under $600. But it does come with wifi, and allows you to control it via the Mi Home app or digital assistant. Alexa and Google will let you tell it when to clean!

It has 5 different clean modes —whatever the occasion calls for. It also has a sweet “ zone cleaning “ feature lets you draw out areas you want it to clean.

Once its smart mapping system acclimates to your home, it gets around pretty smoothly. It’s good at working around chair legs, walls and corners. The S5 has a way of navigating with accuracy and awareness.

It’s 13 obstacle sensors and distance scanner help it maneuver with purpose. It also helps the S5 avoid obstacles and falls.

Overall, the Roborock S5’s navigation, design, and wifi ability make it a highly desirable robot vacuum. If it’s within budget and you like what you hear, we suggest buying one for your home!

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