iRobot Roomba i7+

If you’re working with a fairly robust budget, we highly recommend this stellar robot vacuum. The Roomba i7+ is one sweet piece of technology. If you’re okay with spending a grand, then pursue its features and finish reading about how awesome it is.

  • Clean Base feature/empties its own bin
  • 90 minute battery life
  • Wifi compatible
  • Dirt detection
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Path plan mapping
  • Full bin indicator
  • Quiet at 68 db
  • Suction power —1700 Pa
  • Uses HEPA filter
  • Uses wifi phone app
  • Has virtual wall
  • Has select room cleaning navigation
  • Carpet boost feature

What makes this robot vacuum so sweet is its ability to empty its own dust bin. When the i7+ returns to the dock, debris is automatically sucked out through a trapdoor. The debris is then pulled into a disposable vacuum bag that will need to be emptied once every 6 weeks on average.

If you’re a pet lover and have wonderful indoor hairy beasts roaming your home, then the Clean Base feature will be especially helpful. Also keep in mind that it comes packing a 1700 Pa suction power —which is strong for a smart vac.

Also, a lot of pet owners say their robot vacuum’s bin gets full of dander way too fast. So having one that empties after every dock is the perfect remedy for that.

Remember, you’re not being lazy! If the Roomba wants to do all the work —why stop it? :p
Enjoy its advanced IQ, and not having to empty the bin!

This robot vac also has impressive navigation features. It is infused with smart mapping. So you can command it to clean specific rooms!

It’s wifi friendly, which means you can control to through your phone app, or your digital assistant. It works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

“ Alexa, clean the living room. “ That’s all you have to say. Once this smart vac becomes acclimated to your home, it will know just where to go to clean on demand.

The iRobot Roomba 17+ has quality cleaning rollers that are idea for digging hair out of carpets. They’re very resistant to hair-tangles —unlike other brush and blade designs.

The nubs on the i7+ rollers are longer than the ones on the previous model —the Roomba 900. iRobot says this makes them more effective at picking up debris,

Keep in mind that you can buy a standard iRoboto Roomba i7, which is less expensive. This model does not come with the Clean Base auto bin empty feature, like the i7+.

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