Best Smart Plugs

9 Products Updated on Jun 23, 2019

We don’t have flying cars yet, what a bummer. But technology in 2019 is still pretty impressive. We can open the garage, play music or see who’s at our door using smart devices.

But not all appliances are smart. Some still need to be plugged in and turned
on by hand. Can you believe that? Prehistoric I say! But no worries, there’s a way to turn pretty much all your household devices into geniuses using smart plugs.

Want to kick on your stove to start some kettle coffee before you get out of bed? Or fire up your AC unit or space heater before you get home? Smart plugs allow you to do both.

They give you control over more home appliances and devices using your phone or digital assistant. Just connect the smart plug to an electrical outlet, then plug your appliance straight into the smart plug —pretty simple.

So which smart plug is the best fit for you? We made a list of the best smart plugs, plus the reasons why we love them.

There’s been lots of talky about the AUKEY. Smart home enthusiasts are impressed with its steady performance and overall simplicity. And so are we. From the packaging to its app, the AUKEY’s…

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Needless to say, this smart outlet is partial to Alexa, it’s designed to work exclusively with her. If you’re using another digital assistant, then go with one of the other smart plugs…

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Here’s another smart plug with a compact, rectangular design. It’s nothing too fancy, but it fits wall outlets perfectly and is simple to use. It uses a wifi connection, and is compatible…

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This little darling goes under the radar a bit, but we recommend giving it a chance! It comes individually, or in a 4 pack. It uses wifi, and works with Android and…

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If you’re determined to turn your casa into a full-blown smart home, this plug is a solid choice. It comes in a 4-pack, which gives you plenty of plugs to work with.…

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Easily add automation to anything with the iHome smart plug. Lamps, coffee makers, heaters, or fans a smart outlet is a simple way to add automation to your home. Don’t worry about…

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Here’s a smart plug that’s a bit different. It has a unique design, with the plug-in located on the right side panel instead of the front. It’s a little pricier, weighing in…

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If you’re looking for a reliable plug that works with Apple HomeKit, look no further. This slim little baby is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, plus Apple HomeKit right out of…

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Well, if the Wemo Mini appealed to you but something felt a little flat then here you go. The Insight Smart Plug has a rounded square shape and boasts more features. And…

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Wifi or Bluetooth?

As you may know, there are two types of smart plugs, those that use bluetooth, and those that use wifi. So which one should you go with? We say wifi all the way.

Why wifi? Well, it uses less energy and tends to be more reliable. It’s also compatible with a mesh wifi router, which will give it the ability to work anywhere in your home.

Having a mesh router setup is perfect if you plan to expand your smart home. That way you’ll know all your smart plugs and devices are getting full signal so they can optimally perform.

Keep Your Digital Assistant in Mind

Make sure you know whether the smart plug is compatible with your digital assistant. Most of them will work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Some will work with Microsoft Cortana and Apple HomeKit as well.

The main thing is to make sure it’s compatible. Some smart plugs made by Google or Amazon only work with a dedicated assistant. In other words, a smart plug made by Amazon might only work with Alexa. So always double check before you buy.

Are You Going for a Smart Home?

Most all smart plugs are very affordable. So you’re not going to save tons by going with a specific brand. But if you’re looking to use smart plugs throughout your home, you can buy plug sets to save money.

Buying smart plugs individually will cost you more in the long run. But If you just need one or two for a couple of choice appliances, then just snag a couple. On the flip side, If you’ve got visions of a smart home dancing in your head, then go with a set.

In Summary

We hope you enjoyed our list of the top smart plugs based on our expertise and research. You can’t really go wrong with any them. Just make sure you pay attention to the ones that are designed to work with Amazon exclusively.

Don’t wait to create an epic smart home. Remember, you can be the sole controller of all your appliances. It’s time to jump into this awesome technology and give your home a new dimension of fun, safety and convenience.

Plug into the future of home living today!