How to Check Your iPhone Battery Health with CoconutBattery

Concerned your iPhone needs a new battery after hearing about their latest announcement about battery health?

Well you can check your iPhone’s battery health for free using your Mac and Phone.

Simply download CoconutBattery for free on their website.

When Does My Battery Need a Replacement?

Once you scan your phone using CoconutBattery you’ll be given a lot of information about your phone.

The main numbers to look at are Design Capacity and Cycle Count.

If your Design Capacity is in the low 80’s you’ll see degraded performance and most likely need a battery replacement. Additionally it’s recommended to get a replacement after 500+ cycles.

Example of a battery that needs replacement

Think of your phone’s battery like tires on a car, the car will still drive with worn down tires but performance will suffer. No phone’s battery is designed to last indefinitely.

Additionally if you’d like to see an example of an iPhone with good battery health it’ll be listed with 100% design capacity.

Example of good battery health

Also we will note you can start a chat on the Apple Support app about your phone’s battery and Apple can check your battery health remotely.

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